lente“Integrating sustainability as a critical success factor”: throughout the year, the CSR Manager Network is offering SMEs a full education and specialist consultancy program of workshops, webinars, sustainability reporting consultancy and laboratories, to help small businesses turn sustainability into a success factor.

Growing numbers of large corporations expect SMEs in their supply chains to conduct green process and product reviews; many organisations are introducing sustainability parameters in their requests for tenders; consumers too are increasingly aware of sustainability issues.

The CSRMN program is designed to help SMEs keep up to date with the latest developments and equip themselves with strategies and tools for development of sustainable business models to expand their business and boost market share.

Workshops will be held on: local stakeholder engagement, risk assessment, supply chain sustainability, life cycle thinking.

The cycle of webinars will examine SME competitiveness, biofuel sustainability, product traceability for supply chain and reliability rating transparency.
In June and July, four laboratories will be held in cooperation with the Design Department of Milan Polytechnic, for the development of new forms of collaboration with local communities that promote innovation.

SMEs who register for the program will be able to request a free initial assessment of their sustainability initiatives, conducted by specially trained undergraduates.

Registrations are free for CSR Manager Network’s members; n.5 free subscriptions are available for external requests, applying via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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