tempioIn October 2016 two new small and medium enterprises, Intesys Srl and Rebaioli SpA, became part of the Italian Network of the Global Compact Foundation (GCNI Foundation) coordinated by the Global Compact Network Italy. The first one is a Technological Digital Agency based in Verona. The second one is a firm located in the province of Brescia and involved in the construction of power lines, telecommunication towers and technological systems in general.

"Rebaioli SpA has always, since its foundation long ago in 1948 according to Cav. Enrico Paolo Rebaioli’s wishes, been managed as part of its DNA with a focus on protection of human rights.
We often work abroad and our intention is to keep our "corporate creed" intact while trying integrate company dynamics and all its employees with local realities. For this reason, the fight against corruption, the efforts made in respect of the environment and working conditions are the key priorities of the entire company."
(Stefano Iorio, CEO, Rebaioli SpA).

"Since the establishment of Intesys in February 1995, the founding members, who still hold 95% of the shares, have felt that being entrepreneurs and doing business does not mean having the sole objective of making a profit. We have always believed that the success of an enterprise cannot consist exclusively of high profit margins but that it also depends on less tangible but important factors such as being oriented towards innovation, trust and maintaining a good reputation, attention to environmental needs, the quality of relationships with customers and suppliers, and the ability to contribute to the growth of the welfare of local communities.
For these reasons, since 2005, we have focused on the questions related to Corporate Social Responsibility and for these reasons we first joined the Global Compact of the United Nations and now the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation. We consider it essential to network with companies who share this sensibility and we are convinced that the Foundation is moving in this direction."
I. Gavioli, Managing Director, Intesys Srl).

"During the last year the attention of the Italian SMEs given to what the Global Compact Network Italy has been doing has increased significantly," said Alessia Sabbatino, Secretary General of the GCNI Foundation. "It is a very positive result considering that our country’s business landscape is made up of small and medium businesses and the important role that they have been called upon to play alongside the bigger companies in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for 2030" continued Ms Sabbatino.

Thinking ahead to 2017, one of the specific objectives of the GCNI Foundation’s work program will be that of supporting the Network member SMEs in terms of awareness building regarding SDGs, the activation and strengthening of the reporting processes, and the capacity for action in partnership with respect to the new challenges of sustainable development.


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