lenteThe Italian CSR Manager Network promoted the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF SUSTAINABILITY PROFESSIONALS (EASP), a network of CSR practitioners from European organizations, with the aim to share each other's experience for the benefit of those who are interested in promoting sustainability as a development factor.

Activities started at the beginning of 2017 with a virtual meeting, the webinar "Stakeholder management & its impact on performance and reporting" which aims to understand how multinational enterprises are adapting their stakeholder management processes and explore different institutional contexts in which they operate in.

Starting from the Italian study on Materiality Index during the webinar the participants also examined the relationship between stakeholder management and organizations’ performance. 

We registered a wide attendance from all the countries, with members from the Italian Network and from Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (UK), Asociación Española de Directivos de RS (Spain), Verband für Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltmanagement (Germany) and Collège des Directeurs du Développement Durable (France).

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