ingranaggioThe Collection of "experiences and business practices related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" is taking shape. The collaboration that was initiated with the first 10 companies that will be the key actors in the collection already profiles an interesting opportunity for future readers to explore from the review processes of strategy and business in order to integrate SDGs at corporate level, to the projects started to concretize specific objectives.

In fact the intention of the document is to analytically report the different approaches, visions and instruments adopted by the key companies with the common aim of "making the global goals opportunities for business at local level."

The publication opens with a focus on SDGs and the role that the business world is called upon to play with regard to the challenges for 2030. The main body of the document will consist of the results of a survey aimed at investigating the sensitivity and involvement of private economic operators in sustainability issues and an internationally recognized framework such as the 2030 Agenda and its manifestation in the 17 SDGs.

The document will be presented in October, in Rome, during the Global Compact European Local Networks’ Annual Forum which will be hosted by GCNI Foundation this year. The Forum will be held at “La Farnesina” (Il Palazzo della Farnesina), the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The best practices to be found in the Collection will therefore be shared as part of an international initiative attended by representatives of other Local Networks and European economic actors.

For further information, please write to Dr. Margherita Macellari at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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