tempioIn March five new companies with a CSR/sustainability profile already characterised by specific goals related to their business sector: BNL GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS (as “Founding Member”), than Autogrill Group, Ledvance SpA, San Servolo Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia and Tridente Immobiliare (as “Participants”) became part of the Global Compact Network Italy.

With the exception of BNL SpA (present for years in the UN Global Compact), for the other companies mentioned above joining the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation is the start of a process of getting closer to and more progressively involved in the UN initiative for corporate sustainability and its Ten Principles on human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

The number of large companies present in the Network (56% of the total of members) continues to grow, but also that of SMEs (20%).

BNL is the fourth largest banking group to join the Foundation (Cariparma, Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit are already members of the Network), confirming the important commitment made by the Italian financial sector on issues of sustainable development.

"In 2017, the GCNI Foundation is working intensively to encourage and support the efforts of the Italian business sector regarding the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With new members recently joining the Foundation, the boundaries of the Network are expanding and individuals in strategic roles who are important both in their industry and nationally will come into play. In light of this, we are even more motivated to work together with our profit and non-profit member organizations to implement at local level, the sustainable development goals shared at global level." (Alessia Sabbatino, Secretary General, Global Compact Network Italy Foundation).


il network italiano del global compact cresce con l adesione di cinque nuove aziende BNL“We have been members of the Global Compact for many years as BNL and as part of the BNP Paribas Group, striving to promote and respect its principles. We decided to join the Italian network of the Global Compact to maximize our local contribution, continuing to promote respect for human rights in every sphere of activity and to promote equal opportunities, accompanying individuals, families and firms in their life projects with inclusive funding and supporting best environmental practices through our financing and investment decisions. In this we can also bring the experience of the large international group were present.”. (Claudia Schininà, CSR Officer, BNL SpA)

il network italiano del global compact cresce con l adesione di cinque nuove aziende Autogrill"It’s already been over a decade since Autogrill set off in the direction of its primary goal of creating value for both the firm and all its stakeholders: from employees to customers, not to mention suppliers, licensors, business partners and shareholders. This is why in 2007 we launched the Afuture programme that led to the definition of a genuine sustainability strategy through a road map of objectives in three different areas: People, Products and Planet. The success of Afuture depends on two factors: the ability to constantly innovate and the ability to build partnerships with the most cutting-edge companies in the industry and the most prestigious international institutions" (Silvio de Girolamo, Group Chief CSR & Internal Audit Officer, AUTOGRILL GROUP)

il network italiano del global compact cresce con l adesione di cinque nuove aziende Ledvance“The decision to join the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation was taken following the continuity of what has been achieved in recent years as OSRAM, the group from which the split resulted in the creation of the new company LEDVANCE.
We believe our corporate values ​​defined as "BREAKING NEW GROUND", "WINNING TOGETHER" and “STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE” perfectly bond with the principles of the Foundation.” (Francesco Cipriani, Head of Human Resources & SWE Compliance Officer, LEDVANCE SpA)


il network italiano del global compact cresce con l adesione di cinque nuove aziende SanServolo“We consider it essential to network with companies working on the issues of Corporate Responsibility and the UN Global Goals for 2030. After discussions with the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, we want to implement the development of corporate policies related to environmental and social issues, share best practices to address common challenges on sustainability understood as a continuous process aimed at creating the system of the three dimensions of sustainable development: Environmental, Economic and Social. With the support of the Foundation, we plan to launch a "check-up" of the company to understand the levels of sustainability and participation within it and those outside it as perceived by stakeholders; to build a programme together which is dedicated to the publication of a manifesto of values ​​ which can inspire the firm in its decisions; and to adopt additional welfare measures for workers and the local community”. (Andrea Berro, Amministratore Unico, SAN SERVOLO Srl)

il network italiano del global compact cresce con l adesione di cinque nuove aziende Tridente“We believe that the growth of our company just as of the society we live in is only possible with sustainable development that ensures economic, technological and social progress which can meet the needs of the present generations without compromising those of future generations. It is, in fact, our goal, to take care of the economic interests of our shareholders, whilst also being accountable for our choices to other interested parties such as the consumers themselves, workers, subcontractors, and all those who cooperate with us. For this reason, we aim to combine competitiveness and sustainability in the context of our growth and innovation, always placing emphasis on promoting the quality of life, labour standards, human rights and eco-friendly development. Also referring to the relevant decrees in force, we aim to conduct business negotiations based on the values ​​of efficiency, integrity and fairness in all of our daily work processes, both to our customers and our operators. This is why we decided to join the Foundation, as we fully embrace the Principles of the UN Global Compact” (Sergio Vaccaro, CEO, TRIDENTE IMMOBILIARE Srl)


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