tempioThe Global Compact Network Italy Foundation is engaged in the production of its second Report on Activities intended for the Global Compact Office in New York, all organizations subscribing to the Foundation, the Foundation’s partner organizations and its internal and external stakeholders. The Report, which is published on an annual basis, is emerging as an important tool for information-giving and communication on the aims of the Foundation, the system of governance and the people involved as staff and external collaborators, the Foundation’s members and participants, but especially on the state of implementation of the initiatives that make up the activities program of the Foundation and on the results achieved during the year of reference.

The document will be produced in Italian and English versions and distributed in electronic format only. The decision not to produce a paper version is in line with the eco-friendly approach adopted by the Foundation both at the level of organizational management and of implementation of activities. This second issue of the Report refers to the time period dating from January 1st until December 31 2014.



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