ingranaggioThe meeting scheduled for the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation "Reporting" Working Group was held by video-conference between eni (Rome) and FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (Milan). The meeting provided an opportunity to share the line of reasoning over the evidence raised through comparative analysis of corporate case studies on the topic of "materiality analysis" implemented by the Group during previous meetings.

The discussion, as well as bringing to light other interesting ideas for further study, led to the definition and planning of upcoming activities: by the 5th of June, a methodology update via internet in the light of the last cost reporting meeting about the 2014 balance sheet; the definition of a maximum of three subject matters to be focused on in seminars with external experts; the drafting of a document which is major but non normative for the definition of a shared methodology as part of the implementation of the analysis of materiality. The working group has already agreed on the document’s framework and committed itself to finalizing the production of the report by November 2015.


Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum

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