gcniOn 23rd and 24th of June 2015, the “Global Compact +15: Business as a Force for Good” was held in New York City. The event, organised in over a dozen specialised meetings, culminated with a plenary session in the UN General Assembly Hall on 25th of June. The GA session brought together over 1,000 global leaders from businessGovernment and civil society to take stock of fifteen years of corporate sustainability, and to map out pathways for the future.

Participants discussed key environment, social and governance issues, as well as highlighting progress and challenges across a variety of industries, sectors and Local Networks. Additionally, the Global Compact +15 event launched a handful of new programmes and a comprehensive report assessing the impact of the corporate sustainability movement.

Throughout the day on Wednesday 24th June, the XIII Annual Local Network Forum (ALNF), brought together over 100 Local Networks Representatives from 60 countries to discuss subjects related to the governance of the Local Networks, with the objective of enhancing inter-network collaboration in the future. The Annual Forum focused on the forthcoming SDGs and the important role that the Local Networks can play in advancing corporate sustainability through national action plans. The ALNF also saw the election of the Local Networks Advisory Group for the period 2015–2017, and the adoption of the Local Network Progression Model and three MOUs to regulate the governance and management of the Global Compact and Local Networks.


Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum

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