After the legs in Brescia, Valtellina and Bergamo, forumAlscolto also reached Milan on 30 January 2017. Works were opened by Chairman Giovanni Valotti and CEO Valerio Camerano together with Institutional Representatives of the City of Milan. The various work groups debated four topics that are essential for designing the City of the Future: Smart City, Circular Economy, Environmental Culture and Urban Regeneration.

ForumAscolto attracted a wide range of participants, including clients, associations, entrepreneurs, professors and experts in economics, environment, culture and communication. Their representatives worked towards the common goal of devising ideas and proposals that our Group will transform into concrete projects!
The big novelty of this Forum was its being open to all citizens through the dedicated platform, which enabled everyone to join in and give their contribution on the various topics.

The event produced 9 new ideas and 42 new proposals were presented through the platform!

A2A is currently evaluating all suggestions collected, looking forward to the concrete realisation of some of these ideas. Eleven projects were born from the previous legs of forumAscolto, including Banco dell’Energia Onlus, the solidarity initiative that is an innovative response to emerging poverty, sponsored by A2A with the AEM and ASM Foundations and the cooperation of Fondazione Cariplo.

A2A's first Local Sustainability Report will be published in June, including all details of the forumAscolto and a summary of the firm's main commitments and results in the field of environmental, economic and social responsibility.

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Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum