Last 30th June has been presented in Rome the "Manifesto of the Green Economy on Agri-food for the occasion of Expo 2015", approved by the National Council of the green economy (composed by 65 Business Associations) and elaborated through a participatory approach involving hundreds of experts in the working groups of the States General of the Green Economy.

This Manifesto expresses a point of view of the Green Economy on agricultural food production on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015.

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Coordination of the Voluntary Associations of the Treviso Area launch the second edition of University of Voluntary Work.

From 1 July 2015 it is possible to register for the new academic year, with a curriculum further enriched and empowered. The curriculum provides for the developing of a real educational path, which lasts one academic year.

UniCredit published its Sustainability Report since 2000 and this year the Group published its first Integrated Report. “The sustainable creation of value is core to our strategy, and our people are 100-percent committed to this goal. Our work and investment choices are all carried out with this in mind, with the aim of enhancing all of our capitals: financial, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural, said UniCredit’s CEO, Federico Ghizzoni.

On occasion of the World Environment Day, on June, the 5th2015, the ERGO Insurance Group launched the Bit-Away-Days, 15 days “to get rid” of needless data. The initiative calls about 43,000 employees from all over the ERGO world to contribute by deleting unnecessary data from their PCs. Indeed it is not unusual to find  in our PCs files that are saved twice or more, useless drafts, files that are outdated and not required to be archived. Yet exactly those unnecessary files use valuable storage space, which not only causes costs, but also consumes a lot of energy. The operations of the storage disks and  also for their cooling have effectively a direct impact on the use of energy.

Now in its tenth edition, the 2014 Sustainability Report has many innovations: the first is the adoption of the GRI-Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines, a year in advance compared to their definitive entry into force.

With this new standard, reporting becomes more focused on Governance and the Supply Chain and more strongly adherent to the principle of materiality, i.e. focused on the most relevant issues for the company and its stakeholders.

Another innovation of the 2014 report is the publication of the results of the materiality analysis and the stakeholder review map.

Officinæ Verdi (OV), Energy Efficiency Group created in 2011 by JV UniCredit - WWF, during its first two years of operation achieved significant goals in terms of sustainability, thanks to a business model focused on energy efficiency, advanced metering platforms, economic and financial sustainable investments and a “no incentives” vision aimed to develop medium-long term value for enterprises focused on the analysis of needs and on self-consumption of energy.

Currently, OV Group operates in holding as Management Company and Advisor for developing “Green Economy Applied” investments, combining financial and technological know-how in the energy sector, with a consolidated expertise on complex investment projects for energy-intensive sectors.

“A focus on the environment, social development and economic sustainability are three key factors for the growth of a global player in the energy sector. In Enel we believe in innovation to meet the needs of our customers, offering new products and energy services to promote the social and environmental development of communities and generate shared long-term value.” (Francesco Starace - Enel, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager).

The Enel Sustainability Report 2014, which this year also includes the Environmental Report, discloses a rich and sustainable year: the position of Enel in the world of the new organizational structure, the results achieved in the various areas of the Group, to the projects of shared and inclusive value creation with the communities in which we operate, to goals yet to be achieved and in the sustainability plan 2015-2019.

In response to the urgent need to address unemployment, climate change and demographic changes in Europe, the corporate social responsibility movement has developed the MILAN MANIFESTO ENTERPRISE 2020 for action by 2020.
The movement, brought together by CSR Europe, the European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility, already includes more than 40 national corporate social responsibility associations and over 10.000 companies across Europe.

CIIP - Consulta Interassociativa Italiana per la Prevenzione, of which AIAS - Associazione Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza  is a member, is organising a Free Conference for the Study and Analysis of "Health, Safety and Environment in Agriculture", which will be held on Wednesday, 15th July, from 09.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. in viale G. D’Annunzio 15, in Milan (at Centro per la Cultura della Prevenzione nei luoghi di lavoro e di vita).
The role of the agriculture sector is very important for economy, environment and health. In the National Plan for Agriculture (2014 – 2018) the lines of work for enterprises and public administration are confirmed and innovated.

Online registration only at:,+sicurezza+e+ambiente_209.aspx

For the third year in a row Atlantia presents to its stakeholder a document based on an integrated strategy and vision of the value creation process. The document is grafted on  the valuable experiences of 2012 and 2013, providing a general picture of the Group’s activities, including the value creation strategy, governance and performance in the social, environmental, and financial framework in which the Group operates. Specific goals and measurable and concrete actions are also provided. In comparison with the previous editions, important innovative elements have been introduced. First of all, the 2014 Report fully takes into consideration the effects arising from the corporate changes which occurred at the end of 2013 with the integration of the Aeroporti di Roma. These effects have been duly considered and the motorway and airport sectors have, therefore, been integrated in a single business model.

The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice will inaugurate on Thursday 7th May, h. 10.30 am in Aula Baratto, the installation of the artist Alexandre Dang: a field of around 400 “Dancing Solar Flowers” will cover the Cortile Grande (the main courtyard) of Ca' Foscari University.
The flowers will dance from dawn to dusk thanks to the solar light converted into electricity by the small photo voltaic solar cell. The art work connects the scientific and artistic approach to encourage renewable energy knowledge and to increase awareness about sustainable problems and solutions. Alexandre Dangh as developed a pedagogic aspect to his sustainable art, using it to educate young people about the potential of eco-friendly technologies with a focus on renewable energy.

The 13th May, in Milan, within the EXPO, the Dutch government will organize an international strategic dialogue between major Dutch and Italian companies on sustainability and innovation. The event will be held at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum from 4 pm  to 7 pm and it will be led by Jan Balkenende (Dutch Prime Minister from 2000 to 2010); it will be sponsored by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Dutch Embassy in Italy.

FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in collaboration with Associazione Alumni Accenture, b-Venture and Fondazione Italiana Accenture, launched "Share in Action”, a contest aimed at promoting, developing and implementing the most innovative collaborative projectson sharing economy - submitted by profit and non-profit entities and teams of individuals - able to combine digital technologies and enhancement of services in the fields of hospitality, culture and welfare.

In March 2015, the City Council of Milan has included FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei in the list of “local actors interested in working with the Milan City Council to promote initiatives of sharing economy maximizing the positive impacts in terms of innovation and inclusion”

Fondazione Sodalitas, in collaboration with CSR Europe, is hosting "LAST CALL TO EUROPE 2020. The role of Enterprises for a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Europe" (19th June 2015, Milan - Expo site), an International Conference focused on enhancing enterprises’ commitment towards the Europe 2020 strategy to accomplish Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth in the next five years.  
The official agenda of “LAST CALL TO EUROPE 2020” is now available here

With the usual determination in pursuing the Sustainability Development principles, also this year Acea has disclosed its economic, social and environmental performances by providing extensive illustration in the Sustainability Report 2014, qualified with the Advanced” level in the context of the Communication on Progress.
Among the most important 2014 novelties, remarkable is the renewal of the “Board of Directors”, for the first time composed by a majority of women, and the establishment of a “Diversity Committee” along with the formal adoption of a “chart for diversity management”.

A parcel of land of 4 hectares available free of charge for “zero mile” farming to produce vegetables and serve them in the canteens of kindergartens. These are the objectives of the initiative called “A vegetable garden at the compressor station”, promoted by Snam in Terranuova Bracciolini (province of Arezzo) in collaboration with Betadue social cooperative, which supports work placement for disadvantaged people and is specialized in maintenance of green spaces. The area, owned by Snam, borders the compressor station run by Snam Rete Gas, the subsidiary operating in natural gas transport and dispatching, in Terranuova Bracciolini.

A new edition of the Sustainability International Forum (SIF) focused on “Roma Smart Community - Architecture, Communication, Energy, Mobility, Technology” will be held in Rome at Casa dell’Architettura on June 19th - 20th. Il Sustainability International Forum (SIF) is a moment of confrontation between companies, institutions, academia, associations, students and citizens: a modern agora to reflect on the sustainable development challenges and trends in the world, to analyze the way in which globalization, green and blue economy and social innovation are influencing and directing the evolution of a new circular economy. The seventh conference will be held at the old Acquario Romano, now House of Architecture, sensitive and evocative place to rethink the city and new urban models.

Five years remain for Europe to reach its 2020 objectives. Fondazione Sodalitas is hosting LAST CALL to Europe 2020. The role of Enterprises for a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Europe" (19 June 2015, Milano Expo site), an International Conference focused on enhancing enterprises’ commitment towards the Europe 2020 strategy to accomplish Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth in the next five years. At the morning Plenary session, European Commission representatives, Italian CSR Europe members, Business Organization Presidents and Worldwide/European CEOs will bring their experience on the most relevant business challenges. The afternoon session will be composed of 3 international workshops focused on the most impactful drivers for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe for 2015-2020. 

The Conference promoted by AIAS – Associazione Ambiente e Sicurezza was held on March 18th  at Rho Fiera. The aim of the conference was to debate about the required new skills and competencies (in terms of strategic planning, organization, manpower) to be competitive in the current market environment which is characterized by a strong request for technological and performance innovation. Technological and performance innovation is a great and socially desirable opportunity to achieve an efficient and eco-effective use of the resources, furthermore it will help in the recovery of the construction sector against the long-lasting economic crisis. During the conference the operative problem of a manpower not prepared to build the "restoration" in accordance with UNI 8289:1981, UNI EN 12973:2003, 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC Directives, D.P.R. 170/2005 was dealt with too.

Download the event leaflet

For information about the results of the meeting, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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