In mid-September KPMG Italy joined Bike2Work, a project co-financed by the European Community and the European Cyclists' Federation with the participation of 12 European countries. In Italy, the project was led and sponsored by Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta ONLUS (FIAB), an environmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Environment as an association devoted to environmental protection.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR report), in its fifth edition, represents for GSE not only an annual appointment to keep, but also an occasion to share every year value-focused way of doing business with all stakeholders. This is a tale - as we like to call it - where the effort of GSE in favour of energetic and environmental sustainability is at the base of our institutional mission.

The Sustainable Development Foundation, chaired by Edo Ronchi, is a no-profit organization born by will of companies, business associations and sustainability experts, in order to encourage the development into the field of green economy in Italy .
Since 2010, the Foundation, in collaboration with FISE UNIRE, care and publishes Annual Report "Italy of recycling", with sponsorship of the Ministries of the Environment and Economic Development and ISPRA. The report aims to provide an updated overview on the dynamics topics of the European and international for recycled materials markets, on the trends underway in Italy and finally on the problems and the potentiality of the sector. Each year, the report also offers a separate chapter about on the technologies and the innovative management.

Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), through the research program “Sustainability and Social Innovation (SIS), published in 2015, with the beginning of the UN  Summit for Sustainable Development held on last September in New York, a book entitled “Un patto globale per lo sviluppo sostenibile. Processi e attori nell’Agenda 2030”.

Enel has been named by magazine Bloomberg Businessweek in its list of 50 companies to watch in 2016. The magazine praised the Group for boosting investment in high-growth markets in the Americas and Africa by 48 percent through 2019 to offset declining demand for power in Europe. Enel is the only Italian company and the only electricity utility in list.

On Wednesday 4 November Ca' Foscari University of Venice has released its fifth Sustainability Report, during the event DIRE FARE DARE – Scoprire il volontariato a Ca’ Foscari.

Ca' Foscari reports annually the actions taken and the results achieved by the university illustrating, in an integrated perspective, the impacts on the economic, environment and social. This year the document was focused on the impact of Ca’ Foscari on the community, especially in economic and social terms, and in particular highlighting the economic value attracted and generated, directly and indirectly.

The Italian Banking Association (ABI) renews its commitment to corporate sustainability through the publication of its Communication on Engagement (COE), as a United Nations Global Compact’s signatory.

The document describes the actions promoted in the period 2012-2014 with banks and stakeholders, in the area of legality and anti-corruption, relationships with businesses and families, support for employment, community prosperity and environmental protection.

Openness, Listening and Participation is the path A2A has taken to improve its ability to read and interpret the expectations of all the stakeholders. The programme was launched in Brescia testing a new approach based on four instruments:

The seventh consecutive renewal for Terna, the company chaired by Catia Bastioli and led by Matteo Del Fante, in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index also comes with its recognition as an industry leader in the Electric Utilities sector. This is the result from the annual review conducted by the Swiss sustainability rating agency RobecoSAM, which today confirmed the Company’s continued inclusion in the World and Europe indexes. This represents a major achievement for Terna: there are only 8 Electric Utilities in the World index and just 2 in the Europe index.

On June 24th 2015, the Conference “Management and Control of Major Accident Hazards organized by AIAS, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Innovhub was held at the premises of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting focused on the illustration of the changes introduced by the decree of adoption of the so-called Seveso III Directive (Legislative Decree of June 26th 2015, No. 105) concerning the implementation of the Directive 2012/18/EU on the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances, in force from July 29th 2015.

Snam mades open dialogue with stakeholders and the territory on which they operates the key priority of the business activities, maintaining constant relationships with organizations, institutions and companies. To encourage the development of their infrastructure, the Company makes their knowledge available as a contribution to the common cultural and scientific heritage.

As is clear from the Social Report 2014 DECO INDUSTRIE, safety, as in the form of health protection of workers, as in the form of wholesomeness of food products, it is an important requirement for DECO.

Of fundamental importance is the respect and protection of the environment which requires DECO continuously innovate in production processes to lower impact and goods more affordable performance and respectful of nature.

In recent years, the sustainability reporting has taken on increasing importance, as a result of major society and regulators' expectations on companies’ ethical behaviour. There has been the development of shared global standards for increasing the usability and comparability of ESG information published by organisations.

Salini Impregilo is publishing the Sustainability Report also this year. The report is a transparent communication tool aimed at satisfying the information needs of all stakeholders concerning the results in economic, environmental and social terms, confirming the commitment dedicated to sustainable development.

Gestore Servizi Energetici - GSE fosters environmental sustainability through promotion and development of renewable energy sources (RES) in Italy. The activities aim at providing financial support for utilization of renewable energy sources.

Contributing to sustainable development represents the main focus of the Company’s mission and is the driving force for its crucial choices and operative decisions.

By providing information and training, GSE makes new generations aware on energy efficiency and environmental respect: a first step to activate a cultural change.

Since 2011, thanks to the didactic project “GSE incontra le scuole”, junior high school students are hosted in GSE in order to show them, with slides and videos, the differences between various technologies enabling us to use solar energy, wind, hydro, biomasses, tidal power and geothermal heating to produce energy. During the meetings, students also familiarize with mechanisms linked to energy efficiency, sustainability and energy saving. A guided tour to the photovoltaic plant which fosters the building is also envisaged.

The Guidebook “Le Energie Rinnovabili, realized with the cooperation of the different Company Divisions, is given to the students: the book is an easy guide to sensitive energetic and environmental issues.

The environment is increasingly on media, political and economic world? It will be discussed on the 27th of November, in Rome at Lumsa (Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta), during the Forum promoted by Pentapolis Onlus that, in this data, will present the results about the second Report of the Observatory Eco-Media, created with the aim to monitor, every year, the flow of information on the green issues and sustainability; the Report wants to stimulate the big publishers to give space and continuity that they deserve, encouraging a production chain “zero impact”.

Friday 25th September Ca’ Foscari participates in the European Researchers' Night. This initiative is to open the doors of laboratories and studies of universities to present and to experience to citizens the research conducted by professors, researchers, PhD students, students.

Climate Week NYC is an annual summit boosting high-level meetings between the worlds of business, government and society who are leading the low carbon transition.

FEEM has organized a side event about “Sustainable Development Goals: New Metrics for Monitoring, Verifying and Assessment” on September 24 at 18:30pm at the United Nations. It presents and discusses approaches and methodologies to measure, verify and assess Sustainable Development Goals. The side event will present the preliminary results of FEEM’s APPS (Assessment, Projections and Policy of Sustainable Development Goals) project for about 140 countries, as well as a preliminary sustainability ranking. Experts from governments and other relevant organizations will provide their input to assess and further improve the proposed methodologies.

Enel has been named in the top five of Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” list, a new ranking that shines a spotlight on businesses that make addressing social challenges part of their business strategy. The Group, which is both the only utility and only Italian company to be included in the list was ranked fifth of 50 companies selected by the magazine, and was hailed by Fortune for “charging the barricades when it comes to clean power”.

Waste Italia, through the holding company Kinexia Group, published the Sustainability Report, to maintain dialogue and a formal commitment to transparency to all stakeholders.

The strategic decision to submit simultaneously the Sustainability Report and the Consolidated Financial Statements espresse Kinexia’s intention to provide a complete information dashboard, being the sustainability the fundamental value of its renewable energyand enviroment based business.



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